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Temporary Fence Panels

Due to different fabrication, there are three common types for options: Welded temporary fence panels, chain link temporary fence panels, & tubular temporary fence panels.
Welded fence panels are very popular in Australia Market & New Zealand Market; Chain link fence panels are very popular in USA market, tubular fence panels popular in Canada Market.

Welded Temporary Fence Panels
Such welded temporary fence panel is constructed by heavy gauge galvanized tube and welded mesh infill; The common panel size is 2m height with 2.4m width, and 3mm to 5mm wire diameter, 60mmx150mm mesh size; with relevant HDPE Feet, support brace, galvanized clamps, shade cloth, etc.

Chain link Temporary Fence Panels
Chain link Fence Panel is Portable in 4, 5, 6 High x 10 ft,12ft wide, frame with chain link mesh is be connected with wire laced or hardware. Commonly with galvanized surface treatment.

Tubular Temporary Fence Panels
This kind of tubular temporary fence panel is very popular in Canada market, with the common size 6ft high, 9.5ft wide or else sizes. Powder coated surface treatment with various colors, like red, orange, green, etc.

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